Stressful moving, moving is stressful...

Today is a good day!

I'm in the Airbnb in front of the log fire with the dogs. This is today's view:

Lucky me!

He's gone back to the house to oversee the packers. Amen to that! I have the surprising mid move luxury of a day off and time to write, but I find myself still quite stressed. I guess it's not surprising really. We have now given this move the grand title of 'the worst planned move ever' and this last year, is many things but 'a waste of time and money' wins out! I rather like the Queen's view of a crap year 'Annus horribilis'...a horrible year! I hear you Ma'am!

'Shit happens' will totally do too!

This is a company move by a company that clearly doesn't understand the worth of the people behind it. It's also never in a rush to get things sorted, even urgent isn't urgent and they're down to the wire approach has been, well, not good enough really.

Anyway, it is what it is, right?

The packers turned up three days early which really upset our delicate pre packing proceedings! I mean, we have a tried and tested system of sorting our personals from the packing! This time we had to do it with the packers in situ! Not recommended!

The dogs, especially Fizzy were totally out of sorts. She came on heat unexpectedly the day before! Total nightmare and she really doesn't enjoy being in the midst of strangers anyway! Suddenly, there were 6 of them in her house! Cue, lots of barking and a smoke alarm constantly beeping to have its battery changed, I could feel myself grinding my teeth! Eventually, I sent him out to buy ladders tall enough to change the bloody battery before I lost my mind!


Of course now housing Fizzy comfortably when we've left Canada is a major issue. We lost the lady that wanted to look after her before she can fly because of her season. I get it. She has male dogs and I don't want puppies!

The usual Doggy Spa has too many intact male dogs to house her safely. So what to do! Eventually, her vet offered to help us and are boarding her. If her season finishes in time she will be spayed before flying. Her first season finished at the beginning of November so we didn't expect this! It is inconvenient to all really! Poor thing though, eh! Hubby is going to fly back to Canada to fly her out, which is good. There's no easy way to do this for her really and it's not ideal, but the main thing is that she will be home in France soon.

Anyway, I managed to cordon off an area of the house for the dogs to be out from underfoot but they were very stressed non the less! The house was/is an absolute tip, so they were shut in a corridor most of the day. The Packers did Friday and then didn't re appear till Sunday. Living in the house was a bit rubbish really, so we booked an Airbnb down near Lake Simcoe. The absolute same house we were in for our first ever reconnaissance here! This journey comes full circle and all that!

We really needed to put some normal between us and the house full of boxes and men!

The first few hours here were great. We relaxed but the dogs took their sweet time, they still seemed unhappy and indeed they were. Up and down all night, Bertie was sick three times, Fizzy kept crying. Sleep never came and suddenly it was time to get up and go back to the house for more of the same. We were all exhausted.

Back at the house 7 packers turned up slightly late. I did some people watching. 6 of the 7 listened to the chap in charge, the 7th came up quietly behind me and demanded the WIFI code. He then proceeded to be on his mobile for the next 1/2 hour!


The packers were everywhere, lots of questions over and over and we had left the cottage without breakfast. By 1.30pm I was eating my own arm. The other half had convinced me that the guys would take a lunch break and we could then head off in search of sustenance. Of course they did take a break but in shifts, so we couldn't leave. In the end realizing that ordering through Uber Eats doubles the bill, I made him go and get us some food!

Eventually, we headed back to the lake cottage for some much needed R&R! I do not recommend spending a Sunday in a cold house (because all the doors are left open) with unhappy dogs and an empty tummy! I couldn't bear to see the floors anymore. All those people walking in and out of the snow! Wet mucky footprints everywhere!

Back at the lake cottage, 'him in doors', suddenly got the urge to walk on water last night and so we did! Him more readily than me I can tell you! The dogs clearly didn't realize what was under them and happily chased each other across the frozen lake!

The things we do in the name of having an experience, eh!


I have to say it was a very strange experience. I don't trust the ice and that's probably a good thing but yesterday in the cold light of day, I saw people just walking on the frozen lake without a care in the world, putting up ice fishing huts about a mile in!

Fate favours the brave!

So here we are! The situation with the company finance for this move is still up in the air, typically. We are ignoring the noise and padding on anyway. I've booked the car hire in France and the month in a great Airbnb near the beach. Just the flights for us and Bertie to book today. I will be very relieved to arrive back on home turf on 'B' day, the 31st of January! Poignant for a pro European such as myself! I won't be celebrating, not a chance but I will be drinking to a fresh start for the dogs and I!

In the end, it really won't matter how bad this move has been, will it?

D x

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