Summer of Hell

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Don't know where to start?

I've always shared everything with you guys and gals. Always been honest, upfront and telling you, I put Mango juice in my coffee this morning will probably make you laugh not cry?

I know...........I'm an odd duck and I rather like it.

I'm glad that I can make you laugh but seriously I'm loosing the will to live here.

Current situation:

My head hurts! The video doesn't show you the vibration issues but believe me we are feeling it.

Truth is that this temporary Canada move is more hell than happiness, right now.

The employer has played with his hours, therefore playing with our finances. The landlord buggered off to Hong Kong, to leave us to deal with the builders from Satan's school of charm.

The result is, the work that should have been done in Spring, to give us the sound fence, wall and landscaping, is now ruining our summer here.

Nice job!

We've not been able to sit outside once and enjoy one g&t and at the rate they are going August is a write off too!

What I don't understand, is why the builder left it this late to finish the development. All the houses were sold by last July!

Anyway, we have us a 'shit but very expensive sandwich' right now and I'm over it big time.

I have plans for this and that, but it's really hard to work with the noise. Everything is covered in building dust. Wouldn't mind if it was my own Fudge up really but it's not!

Our agent is working hard with the original listing agent to contact the Landlord and get us released. Good on her but she's in Italy on vacation and I'm not hearing anything from the listing agent.

I honestly could do without moving again, but it is what it is!

So, in essence, I'm not quite living the dream right now in more ways than one.

Being abroad, away from family can have its moments of glory and despair for sure!

This week is quite challenging all round. My Mum hurt her right wrist and is struggling to do anything, yet, this wonderful 'Super Nana' is helping my eldest daughter, get some safe and secure housing.

My daughter who suffers mental health issues, has just been royally played by her now Ex Boyfriend, who has worked sneakily behind her back to make her homeless.

For me, it's okay to get out of a relationship. No one can make anyone stay in something that makes them unhappy. He did promise us a long time ago that he would never leave her high and dry but he has.

First he tried to get her to leave the home. Then when we rightly said he needed leave because of issues getting her housing with her vulnerabilities. Then he said okay and my Mum tried to negotiate for a new lease in just her name. Meanwhile he had gone to the landlady, forced her to give my girl notice and signed a new lease for the same property with the landlady!

Bless my daughter, she still won't hear a bad word about him!

I'm too far away to deal with any of this sadly and my dear Mum is 73 and dashing here there and everywhere making sure all is well, in the end.

I'm super angry at this lad! We paid for all sorts over the years, even the deposit is ours and yet he still went ahead and shafted us!

I'm a little off humans at the moment, they are generally so disappointing, eh?

I do feel like packing my bags and heading back to France tout sweet! If only I could find somewhere near our Wreck, decent to rent!

What I do hope, is that you are all well, happy and getting on with those French renovations?

Tomorrow is another day right?

D x

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