Surviving Christmas

Day 118 of Christmas......what days is it, where are we?

Not more food!

More champagne?


Is the Pope catholic!

Fill her up buttercup!

When the holidays start with a dose of the flu, it's all down hill from there, right? Right! Not surprising really is it? I've been doing everything with a runny nose, wobbly legs, thick head and the odd Nana nap!

I've got FESTIVE FUGLY down pat!

Hard to cook and bake when you don't really have an appetite of your own! Still, I have managed to scoff my weight in turkey and fart inducing stuffing!

My moment of pride was my GF cauliflower cheese, which I then forgot to serve! Finding a way to cook GF dishes that taste less like cardboard and more like actual food is a daily battle! So cheese sauce being in the bag is a moment to cherish!

3 tablespoons of butter melted

3 tablespoons of amaranth flour


make roux as normal

add grated cheese and stir until thick!


Next year, I think I will spend the Holidays in the Maldives, with the sun warming the cockles of my cold Yorkshire heart and several cocktails to warm my awfully sensitive tummy. Medicinal only, you understand!

A cold, very snowy Canadian Christmas is indeed festive, naturally, but the cold is a nightmare for old bones and I feel every year of my 51.5 right now! Oddly the temperatures have tried to reach double digits over Christmas, which is really strange, considering we've had snow since the 7th of November! We are experiencing a really mild festive season with ice rain and snow due for New Year!

The dishwasher packed up in the week prior to Christmas! It's been throwing hissy fits since we moved in, much like me I guess!

Just what I needed with a house full! Dirty dishes for days, the dogs still need walking obviously and why does everyone have to eat, more than once a day? FFS!

His normal tinkering usually fixes everything but this time it hasn't worked. The call out service for fixing it is 7/14 days slower than normal over Christmas and 5 times more expensive. Of course it is!

I've decided to give up a lot of luxuries in 2020 but a dishwasher won't be one of them.

There's no rest for the wicked, eh!

This Christmas has been tinged with excitement and the usual pre moving concerns. Lots to organize for me to be back in France in late January, early February! Yes. I'm leaving him again......! On boxing day, I was ready to pack up but with a house full, selling the big sofa was a big no, no! Selfish buggers!

You are not surprised, I'm going back to France are you? Bonus, this time I also have a proper job! I have also opted to downsize to Hobbit like accommodations and I just know you are all going to enjoy me squeezing my life into a bijou country cottage!

Plenty to write home about in my future I know, but the best thing is, my musings will actually be about France!

Snaps for Donna!

Yesterday, we spent the day returning gifts that weren't suitable, blah, blah, bloody blah, which meant battling with the sales mania! Just parking up was a chore! If cars had elbows, they were all out and sharpened! Drivers practically lost their minds trying to secure a space! We just gave up, kicked the kids out into the crowds and used the Range Rover as a weapon of mass destruction!

Not many folks are brave enough to fight us or it!

What I've never understood is, where do folks get the money to spend a fortune in sales after Christmas? It's beyond me!

How was it for you? Christmas, I mean?

Other than the flu and a later than average serving of the festive fodder, I really loved having the kids here! The chatter, the mess, the bad jokes..........the table games...the hangover!

Champagne solves all ill's!


PS. I know you little idiots filmed me winning at EMOJI! If it appears on YouTube....I can't promise I won't hire a hitman!

Merry middle of the festive silly season folks! Hang in there!

D x

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