Tackling the French Paperwork!

Scary shit right!


Deep breaths my UnFrench darlings!

The French, bless them. do have a reputation for being rather behind the times, where paperwork is concerned! I do remember when buying our French home just how much paperwork was involved! It's all pen, paper, triplicate and all a bit Civil Service...in other words slower than a snail with a walking stick!

Dear La Belle France, time to get this stuff computerized!

Ridiculous amounts of paper!

Anyway, once I had an offer of a job, I had to get registered as a micro entrepreneur tout sweet! I took a quick glance at the website and thought 'oh hell no!'.

I really felt like I needed a handholding service! Many recommendations later and a few initial contacts then nothing! How folks do business is beyond me and I've never understood why they deliver a DEVIS (invoice) with first contact email! Aggghhhhhhh! Anyway, I mentioned this to UnFrench Clare, who offered to try and help me navigate the website!


We did it together!

Phew, application complete!

Now I await my 'Siret' number (business number) and I'm good to go! Then i will receive my social security number so I can get my carte Vitale (Mecial card). What I did notice is that I can read a lot more French than I realized. Speaking French is still difficult and pronunciation needs work! A lot of work! My level of French is, random words strung together with a lot of hope but without the bits in-between that will make it all make sense!

Doing the work to get yourself in the French system is definitely the quickest way, I feel. 'Handholder's' are not quick to respond and anyway what better way to learn, than just going for it! Just goes to show its a mind over matter thing!

Feeling brave, I decided to look at the new website for registering permanent residency in France! If you are in need of a Carte de Sejour (permanent residency) have a go yourself! I have the list of what I need but I need to wait till my 'Siret' number (Social Security) is through! We've have owned a home in France since 2017 and rented there too, so it should be fairly straight forward. I say, hopefully!

The website is pretty good and thankfully in English! Not as complicated as I at first thought!

Not scary at all!

Here's the website for you!


This will take to straight to the English version!

Hopefully, our French paperwork will get easier with time and modernization of the archaic system!

The easiest thing to do, to prepare ahead for French bureaucracy, is to make you sure you have copies of EVERYTHING, be prepared! You may need your birth and marriage certificates, your passport, driving license, rental agreement or proof that you own your home in France, utility bills (you can down load proof of address from EDF fr. Bank and tax, pension statements. Work contract. French Social Security no (Siret). Proof of self employment. Proof of private income. Proof of health insurance where necessary.

You will need a decent printer with document feeder and scanner! Oh and don't forget a french mobile number. You can order one with the correct documentation via Orange Fr.

Good luck!

D x

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