That dam dog!

Bloody crazy American Cocker Puppy!

Seriously, I feel like I haven't had a decent sleep since 1968!

Never mind eh, always 5 am somewhere!

Our Fizzy pop!

We named her right!

This morning, I'm merrily tapping away at my laptop and look down to find the now renamed 'Pissy Wee Wee's' (inside name only) digging a hole in the new rug!

Can't take my eyes off her for a minute!

The early starts are on going.....the incontinence, also.

She wee's for Britain our Missy Mop! She is the ultimate olympian of wee!

She wee's because she's excited, frightened, happy, sad, fed up and just because.

Quite clever my dog you know? You can pat her on the head and she wee's to order!


Just now, she went around the kitchen island, decided I must have left her again and wee'd! She's a bit like Dori in 'Finding Nemo'! Forgetful little poppet! 5 seconds in Fizzy's life is an awful long time, eh!

Bringing up Bertie was such a breeze! I do think Fizz was sent to try our dog parenting metal! We are just about coping!

If Fizz didn't have those soppy sad eye's, I'd be packing her rucksack right now, truly!

Talking about parenting, the Teen is due home, a week yesterday and we buzz off to the Lakes for a week to chill.

Haven't seen her since Easter, but I can tell she is ready for home as she's sending me her food lists! We already know what we are having for supper next Thursday!

It's also my birthday next week and so ends my 50th year!

A year goes by in a flash!

Scary, really.

I don't make too many ski diving or anything, just aim to get up every morning and be a better human, make each day count and maybe hide my crazy more often....!

I keep wandering into the Teens room, to water her Cacti and 'titivate' her things, to feel close to her. I do miss all three of our monsters, muchly!

This morning, Toronto is being a little kinder to us. Amen to that! It's only 19 degrees and there's a wonderfully cool breeze! So welcome. Don't think it will last but I'm glad of it whilst it does!

The peace and tranquility of a summers day is completely shattered though, as the big dig has finally started! We will have a wall before TRUMP!

Pass the ear plugs, there's a love?

When I go out shopping later, I'm definitely looking for desk fans! I'm a bit over the cranky air-conditioning here! Might as well go old school, eh!

Meanwhile in France, we've been very remiss paying our way. If you've ever wondered what happens if you forget to pay your property tax.....? Well, let me tell you!

Your bank will write to you saying, you've been naughty and consequently, the tax office has put a claim against your account!

The bank blocks the money until you pay it or legal action ensues!


It's not as if we didn't know it was due, sometime ago, as the caretaker of our house sent all the post to us but with the move and all that, I thought he'd paid it and he thought I had!

Oh well, I've dragged the French Cheque book out, dusted it off and will go to the post office this afternoon!

Another issue we have in France is EDF.....! They want Euros 1200 from us for electricity. We actually owe nowt! The house is empty and bar standing charges we use no electricity! We've entered the meter readings on the website several times, but the bill does not adjust?

Not a clue what to do except keeping emailing them! If anyone has a solution, do let us know!

Talking of post! The cost of posting anything internationally from here in Canada is totally prohibitive!

The lovely Marks and Spencers had my order, for British bits n bobs, here within two days and the postage was free! Snaps for M&S.......!

Of course I had a few returns and popped along to the post office yesterday, to get the job done!

What shock I got!


Say what?

No way!

Three light pieces of clothing in a bag!

Even the lady serving me said ' Oh no, be cheaper to throw them away'!

Agreed! Might as well set fire to them, eh!

Anyway, I wrote to M&S and asked why so expensive? They wrote back with a new label for DHL but its still over $40!


Anyway, I have to go now and hoover the sofa for a few hours, yet again!

God that pup and her white hair!

Have a marvellously jolly weekend won't you? Oh and if you get time, do visit the new Forum for me won't you?

Ta much!

Big loves.

D x

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