The Aftermath - Bread Crumbs and Socks

Finally, Christmas is really over. The decorations are all packed away and the kids are on their way back to New York to fly home.

After a very unexpectedly mild Canadian Christmas, it is all deep, lily white, blanketing snow again!

On the day they left!


Thanks Canada!

The house is very quiet. The dogs are snoring after a nice rummage in the fluffy, fresh snow. Bertie has a swollen eye after 'him in doors' got his tennis ball aim completely wrong! Ouch!

Oh and the dogs have really bad wind! Yuck!

The house is sort of cleanish...I mean, what's the point when the packing needs to begin and soon?

I've just cleaned the bread board for the thousandth time! It would seem that leaving crumbs and odd socks is totally my big kids thing. Some things never change. I kinda like it. I'm still needed and they still love my food! Small wins for Mummy!

My eldest turns 30 this year! I can't quite believe it. I know they won't be spending that much time with us at Christmas in the next few years. I guess they now want to celebrate in their own house, in their own way. I get it. I'm just happy they spend anytime with us at all. They have careers and lives to live. As it should be. They need to make their own memories and are going to travel a lot this year. It's fine. I know when the grandchildren finally come along it will be all change again! No pressure son!

Eeeeeee Don't blink or you'll miss it all.

I really miss them. The noise and the mess.

It's been fun having them here, although there was always one, noticeably absent.

Maybe next year?

I now have to gather the strength, to get this move back to France planned tout sweet. We are already on the 6th of January and I aim to be there in less than 20 days. I've done it before in 18 days so challenge accepted!

So much to separate, it's like a divorce. A furniture divorce.

He's moving to sunnier climbs for work and I'm downsizing monumentally into a tiny cottage I've never seen. Not sure what to take, what will fit or anything really. Then there's a few bits I want to store for the future. It's a real ball ache!

Today, I'm going to potter around. Catching up with washing and cleaning. Promising myself nothing much. Taking a breath.

I feel rather depleted but tomorrow is another day eh!

Tomorrow I will begin the pre pack sort in earnest, but first I will order some coloured stickers so I can label where things are going! I know what to do, believe me! If there was a degree is relocation, I'd have one!

I have lost count of the moves we've made in 30 years. Probably best not to dwell on it but for the first time ever I'm committing to one place and our home in France. It's well over due!

D x

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