The Battle of the skinny jeans

No matter who you are and where you live now, those questions will run through your mind at times.

What’s make me beautiful? What happens when I look at myself in the mirror? My brain scrambles with what I look and what I think I look. I admit when I see myself in a photograph it opens a can of worms. I am no 5’8 and skinny kind of girl. I am more the compact style, 5’2 and no Twiggy. Skinny jeans do come in my size, but when they stop at my calf and don’t go higher, I decide it’s enough.

As women, we all have parts of our body we like and parts we don’t. A Hate/Love relationship dancing a complicated tango, we are not even sure we can follow.

I am self-confident about 80% of the time. But I flirt with perfection. Perfection is a fleeting notion when aging, bound to change and morph along the way.

The ideal woman’s body has fluctuated through centuries, alternating from voluptuous busty bodies to stick-thin. In recent decades, these 2 models have merged into a synthesis of what society presents us with: an unhealthy bony frame, a hanger for designers’ clothes.

I cannot identify with any of that. Hell no!

I just want to be me, but overall, I want to be happy with myself and my image.

Today, I didn’t play the battle of skinny jeans. I decide to be me as fit as I let myself be: Yoga pants or dresses reveal my curves. I am 58 years old, healthy and my body has its scars and medals of honor

Honestly, I do have those days of doubts when I ask myself: am I still sexy? when it should be: do I still feel attractive?

And yes, I do. Because I am more, way more than an image.

So, here I win my battle against the skinny jeans.

Sophie x

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