The Fight Club

The Very UnFrench Wives are different!

So the Fight Club......otherwise known as Facebook! eh!


Remember when the teacher held the whole class responsible for one persons misdemeanour?


We all raged inside at the injustice!

Well, often thats how I feel about the FACEBOOK groups!

Spoilt for the many by the few bad mannered, pig ignorant key board warriors who's only aim is to disrupt and destroy. Shame eh!

They come along in groups or one at a time and upset good people trying to do good work, why? Why indeed. they are pointless disrupters!

We left the school yard antics and angst a fair few decades ago and now it is replaced with a faceless group of witless morons having the same effect.

I hate to say it but the EXPAT community, actually in France, must be one of the toughest ever! So competitive. So much so they spread rumours and lies. It's utterly mind blogging. Some groups seem worse than others and are very much a problem. I really never wanted to be part of that. Not really but here we all are.

I can promise you that our team will work tirelessly to ensure your safety and enjoyment of our platforms. We won't put up with the usual political, racial, sexist or religious hate. We certainly won't let you be bullied either! I can assure you of that!



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