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Updated: Jan 21, 2020


Selling on Facebook was fun!

The ginormous sofa and rug have gone to a good home, thankfully. Although, I have to say, I did not expect the lovely lady to turn up in a snow storm BUT she bloody well did!

These Canadians are a hardy bunch!

My buyer, pulled up in her 4 hour rental uHaul with her smiley friend and I got an instant taste of how, life could have been infinitely better here, if only I didn't live in this dull community!

Real Canadians are so friendly!

I knew, within minutes, that us three crazy ladies could have been good friends or bad influences, with our shared love of Gin! I also realized sadly how much I had missed aimless girly chatter about nothing in particular!

Moving the furniture was a bit of a winter chore, as we had to keep clearing the steps off snow! It's a wonder someone didn't end up flat on their backside!

When it came for the lady to pay, she whipped out her phone and asked for my email? I was confused.

'Oh, you are using PayPal'? I said.

'No, just sending to your phone' she said

Say what now?

Apparently she was making an 'E transfer'. She sends a link to my phone number or email and I deposit in my bank!

City folks!

What voodoo is this???

Anyway, it worked, I got the email, accepted the funds and placed it in my account. Took around ten seconds! Simples!


Who knew!

The lady I sold the furniture to was getting a happy divorce, so on her way out I plied her with some of my gin stash and other bedding bits I had going spare! Can't take it with me sadly, so I'm glad to pass it on, to a fellow Gin enthusiast (or drunk) and someone bravely starting again!

Go get em girl!

Him in Doors is a bit sensitive to the word D I V O R C E at the moment. He's convinced I'm leaving him the silly bugger!

Anyway, I have more selling to do today and of course sorting. I keep having nightmares about the shipping going missing! You know? Wrong bed parts going with the wrong bed to the wrong country!

Stuff of night terrors, I can tell yah!

Fizzy, the mad American Cocker had her microchip done yesterday! Ouch! She's a pip squeak with a gob as big as the Mersey tunnel! She shouted at me for about it 10 minutes afterwards. Bless her! She does this amazing little trill when she's happy and a whinny when she's cross. I reckon if she could talk we'd never shut her up! I won't be telling her, she has to stay in the doggy spa for ten days after we've left and will fly all by herself!! Would never hear the end of it! Bertie, bless him is a seasoned traveller, thank goodness and won't make a fuss. Fizzy? I'm sure she will make us pay for our mistakes FOREVER!

Anyway, the big open plan room is empty and cold now, much like when we moved in! Only two weeks ago we were lolling clover the sofa watching Christmas movies with the kids!

The heart has now gone from this house.

Time to go.

Him and I were just saying, we should have put a webcam in and then sped the film up. Would have been fun seeing the pieces of furniture and what not going in and then out again!

We are not quite at a year in this house and we will be gone before then anyway, on to new adventures! I'd say it's been fun but I think its been more interesting than fun. I of course have great memories of last summer at the lakes. The mousse sighting, the kayaking and lake swimming oh and the diving from the rocks! I will never forget the feel of -27 on my face and thighs! The CN Tower view is something else entirely! Did that with my Dad.

We are leaving with so much more of Canada to see, so I guess we will be back one day?

Time here has really become a pile of edited memories (some good some not so good) to add to that already over flowing box!

More great stories to tell the future grandkids one day!

Done so far:

South Africa





Middle East



and I'm about done!

D x

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