The long and winding road

to pink roses and wedding bells!

So, 2020 was going to be "our" year, I was about to hit the big 50, we had a much welcomed cash injection and so, we decided it was the right time to finally name the day.

We've been engaged for four wonderful years. We of course had started the process to get married, then March came with a big wallop, LOCKDOWN and suddenly it wasn't going to happen. Not yet anyway. How long would it be? No one knew and my time sensitive documents were in danger of being invalid, but I sort of got my head round this and was hopeful it would work out, somehow?

The instant the Mairie opened, we tried again by appling for the last piece of the jigsaw, the 'Acte de Naissance' for my future husband. The application went like clockwork, all paid for and crossed off the to do list.

All signs were we would have a lovely summer wedding.


Of course not! We suddenly received an email, saying there wasn't any record of his birth in France! Of course there was, but they insisted not? So the wedding was off again and by now it was the middle of August, my papers would expire by the end of September. It was devastating. Again I got my head round the latest delay and rallied! 😂 'oh well, whatever will be will be'....we can wait as long as we have to, I guess? We certainly couldn't get married with out the proof of his birth. It was a huge sticking point and not one we had considered!

Next, right out of the blue another email. They had finally found his birth entry and the mistake was due a data input error on their side of things, 😂 'oh well'. C'est La Vie! So finally after a long and winding Covid and paperwork journey to our very special day, we are back on! Everything is in place now and we get to name the day, very very this space!

The moral of this story lovers, is, no matter how difficult, especially considering the legendary French paperwork trials, never ever give up!

More soon, big loves #unfrenchpolly

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