The Start of Advent!!!!

We all remember as kids, waking up on the 1st December to start opening our advent calendar's, mine was made by my mum beautifully, it had pockets on it and she would put different gifts into the pockets such as a little toy to a piece of fruit, I just loved it, it was my favourite part of Christmas. I loved it so much, as it was the count down to Santa coming, brining what I had waited for and asked for all year, I would surely get! This in reality would not happen, as he could not bring me a diamond ring, a castle or my dream car, this was to come later in life....... He did however bring some lovey toys, bikes, clothes, make-up and the odd satsuma!

And today.....

The cycle continues but with a twist!! Like anything that can be commercialized the age of the advent has changed from its original origins.

The tradition first started in Germany in the early ninetieth century, German Protestants would began to mark the days of Advent either by burning a candle for the day or, more simply, marking walls or doors with a line of chalk each day. This evolved like all tings do and towards the end of the ninetieth century they started to make wooden advent calendars. It was from here that in the early twentieth century that the first printed calendar appeared, and by the 1920's the doors started to appear.

I personally love getting an advent calendar, my only problem is which one to choose!! Make-up, chocolate, paper or gin!! I just love everything about Christmas, the decorations, the food, the hype, the movies etc, what I love the most is the sense of belief and warmth that I feel this time of the year, like I am building up to something, but I don't know quite what but I am going with it anyway.

This year I am even more excited, as my little boy is starting to recognize the wonders of Christmas. I must admit its bringing the child fully out in me too. I have already started looking at Christmas lights for the garden and new decorations for the house, I am absolutely going to be that neighbour who's house lights up the street)!

I am also loving the kits that me and my son can do together ,so that I can pass the magic on to him like my mum did with me. Think my husband wants to commit me, but I just love all that is Christmas, can you tell!!!!

This year I really could not choose, so I got my boy a chocolate one, my husband a chocolate one and me a make-up and chocolate one ("because i'm worth it").

I think ultimately, the reason I love the start of advent so much, is that anybody can do it and it is not specific to anything that goes on around us in life, it includes everyone.......

Happy advent day YAY Christmas is coming...............

Tata for now!!


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