The Un and the Wives in The Very Unfrench Wives

Right then! Let's get something straight between us!

The Un in UnFrench is simply a play on words..........'Not' French!

The Wives is because Clare and I are in fact Wives!


At no time have we been anti French, unfriendly or biased towards wives!

We've said many times before, that if you have testicles, are unmarried, French, whatever.....we don't care! All welcome here!

Seriously, gals and guys we are modern women and happily all inclusive!

Some of the comments we've found on our FB page recently have baffled us and yes, hurt a little. Generally, we are teflon coated, sure! We try to be anyway, but every so often we see comments that shock!

I've never understood why people can't just scroll on by, if they don't like what they see. How can they comment on something they know nothing about? At least have the decent to visit the site!

We were completely foxed by one persons comments, that we weren't a friendly bunch and pointing new fans in the direction of another page?


How rude and condescending! How pointless and a little mean, don't you think? Especially when Clare and I support all business, groups and pages best we can!

There are some wonderfully supportive people working behind the scenes on Unfrench and we/they don't need this kind of negativity thank you!

The tale of The UnFrench Wives is simply about two lady expats discovering the French way of life. No hidden agenda, no political point to make.

We, collectively are a community at the heart of EXPAT life in France.

I hope that dispels any myths out there?

Good,, now lets get busy with the enjoyment, eh!


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