Three weeks left in France

My time in France is very quickly coming to an end. This time in three weeks, I'll be in Manchester. I can't believe how soon it's come around. Time is running away from me.

One thing that has thrown a spanner in the works, though, is my positive COVID test. My symptoms are so, so minor. I couldn't even call this a mild cold. But on the encouragement of some Unfrenchies, I went to get tested. It was a real shock when it came back positive. I google translated "infection confirmee" just in case it didn't mean what I knew it to mean! Needless to say, I wasn't happy with the answer.

I had three weeks to cram in all the remaining restaurants and museums I wanted to see in the area, but now I will only have a week after my quarantine. My friends went for the first fondue of the season last night, but I was home instead. We've got a week and a half left of quarantine. It feels like lock down again, except we can't even go out to the shop or for a walk. At least it's only for two weeks this time.

We had a dinner reservation which I had to cancel, and we've moved our leaving party back a week so we'll know we won't be contagious anymore. We'll have our small gathering on Saturday evening, then the removal company will arrive Monday or Tuesday. We'd best make sure everything is cleaned and ready to pack by then!

I've got vouchers for two restaurants to use, plus I'd like to go for fondue one more time. I also have a leaving party to cook for. It will be one very busy last week!

The perfect winter meal

At least lock down is an excuse to clear all the food cupboards and freezer. I've been running them down for a few weeks now so when I got the results, I was a bit worried about having no food in! After a giant food shop, I think we're safe for the next two weeks. We just need to make sure we eat it all before we leave now.

So it's going to be a boring two weeks ahead, but at least we're safe and well.


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