• Sara Osborne

Time is precious

As some of you will be aware, we moved permanently to France at the beginning of 2019 to open a Chambre D'hote and have been here nearly a full year. It's true...time flies!

We gave up our jobs, set off on our adventure and by some stroke of luck, I ended up staying on with my current employers, working remotely in France, until my post was filled.

It's been a godsend on two fronts.

1. I can't deny the extra income hasn't been welcome .

2. Having never lived and worked with my husband (who I love dearly) I have found it hard to be with him 24/7. Mainly because I'm a glass half full type of person, and John is a glass half empty that someone has just knocked over and spilled all the contents on the floor!! Hearing him ranting, cursing, huffing & puffing in some other part of the house can start to wear thin, so the monthly trip back to the UK for work has been my chance for some calming me time and the opportunity to remember, I do love him, even though quite often I want to murder him. I have the patience of a Saint, but even this Saint has her limits.

A year into our new life and it certainly is easier, although I will never understand the way in which he deals with his frustrations, so I've learnt it's best to remove myself from the situation.

Anyway, like I say, a year into our new life and I am still working remotely. Didn't expect to be, but recruitment for my old post was unsuccessful and with other staff changes I've been asked to continue in the role albeit remotely with a monthly UK visit. Clearly I have agreed to this, both for my sanity and financially as it would be madness not too.

It's been tough though, working 20 hours a week for the UK company, plus a weeks visit once a month, renovations on the property (which still continue) and launching the Chambre D'hote with all the French beauracracy entailed in registering this.

I thought I moved to France for an easier way of life!?!

I do love it really! No longer commuting 80+ miles a day alone has got to be worth it?

Anyway with all these commitments it's clear my blogging life needs to be on hold for now, until sometime in the future when the pressures are less. My head is so full of UK work issues, french business and tax regulations and promoting/growing our business to name a few, that I find I have serious brain fog. It may also have something to do with my age but I'm in denial!

People also keep suggesting we should take French classes and I honestly can't take anything else on at the moment, without actual fear my brain will physically explode.

So this is my last blog.

It's been an absolute pleasure being part of The Very Unfrench Wives and this doesn't mean I won't continue to contribute in the groups (John-Sara Osborne) as and when I find something funny or meaningful or I've just cooked something I want to share with you. And I look forward to sharing your adventures too.

Time is precious, so don't waste it. Follow your dreams, despite it all, it is worth it.

Sara x

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