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I introduced two new friends to the Unfrench family this week. I saw on Facebook a local cat shelter was advertising for foster parents during the quarantine. It seemed like a win-win situation. Some kittens would get a temporary home, while I'd get company and love during a difficult time.

My mental health can be terrible at the best of times, but its even worse during lock down. First I struggled with the anxiety caused by uncertainty. Then it was the cabin fever. And now I'm missing my friends who are too far away to see. Plus I miss my family. Video calls are great, but I wish I could hug my family (and my dog!).

So enter two one month old kittens. Someone threw these adorable fluff balls in a bin. It's just lucky they were found in time. Now I'm the proud foster mother to Nellie and Pepper. Despite a difficult start in life, they're just like normal kittens. They came out of their shell in a matter of hours and have been creating adorable chaos ever since.

Watching them provides endless amusement, whether they're fighting with each other, exploring cardboard boxes or chasing us around. They figured out early on how to climb up the sofa so they can sleep on top of us. Then it leads to the inevitable question of whether to move and wake them, or starve to death. Of course, we choose to starve.

In just a few days, we've fallen in love. Aaron has said I'm more cheery than I've been in a long time, and we definitely have the kittens to thank for that. After all, how can you be sad when a traumatised kitten trusts you enough to fall asleep on you? Watching them chase their tail repeatedly also helps!

Meet Nellie, our new blogger

Of course, it isn't all easy. We're having to kitten-proof the flat, and laptops are like cat nip to these two. Plus they move insanely quickly for such short legs. I've walked into both, and we had to run to get out of the flat without being followed. It's all worth it though.

A friend told me many cat owners are failed foster parents. I'm starting to see why.

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