Virtual whereabouts and too many tabs opened.

We speak about our physical clusters but yesterday I was thinking about my digital clusters. You know, the 10 opened tabs on your browser, jumping around the information, posting …puttering around in the wild wild web.

I was born before the internet and I am glad. I learned to live in a tangible world.

Yes, true, the reality is in the eye of the beholder, right? Yours is not mine and confusing intersections can lead to misunderstandings.

Our children were most likely born with the web, they were given 2 worlds to pick and chose from. With the years I became a web-human. We are not just yet living into Westworld but maybe we do.

We experience the world through the internet, a virtual endless landscape, where the news is coming to feed us and going almost as fast as light. We are more exposed to tragedies and sufferance every day than were our parents, so much so, that if we do not distance ourselves it brings us great misery.

To a degree, all generations get addicted to this parallel world longing for beauty, friendship, love, and whatever you make it up to be.

So, speaking about digital clusters, I realized that I belonged to too many groups on Facebook, and my participation, that I take pride in, was starting to be of lesser quality.

With UnFrench, as an admin, I see people applying for membership every single day, some belong to as many as a hundred groups…that’s it! I am fascinated. It is as we enter that parallel world and like in hotel California, we can't never leave.

Let us call it a cleanse or a digital decluttering…in February, I got sick and not up to par to participate in any circumvoluted social media. Gone with the wind FB, absented from Insta…

what was that? I looked at myself and was not believing what I was seeing.

Was I depressed inquired friends and family?

No, just physically sick and no! it was not that sneaky Covid-19.

Very often, I have been told I am a tad too much, too intense, not sure it is completely accurate or what it means exactly. Nevertheless, I spent February and most of March 2020, in full-blown Covid-19 period, without social media.

I had a lot of time on my hands, or should I say, on my brain, to think about the way I wanted to chose to live my life in the next chapter. It turns out, I just needed to recuperate, to convalesce from all those images, those crises, and just be sitting by the fire, listening to music and avoided too many activities.

I think it was incredibly positive, and I had time to rethink my priorities. A come to Jesus meeting with myself if you will.

What came out of it? Actually a lot.

After being on a diet, dissociated of social media, I sit at my desk writing this now months after and asking myself: what did I really learn?

Not too open too many tabs and that multitasking is after all not that important.

I decided to cut in half my participation in the different social media and or to choose wisely what was really worth my time.

The beauty of the web is that there is beauty within chaos…just like that, I came back.

My UnFrench friends were happy and took me back in a blink of an eye. We did build a solid friendship, the kind that may be virtual but real.

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