Waiting for the Storm to Pass........................

Newfoundland called a state of emergency when 76 cm of snow fell in one blizzard overnight! We, in Ontario are awaiting our own snow storm which is currently on it's way now!

I will try and video it later for you!

Our storms start in the USA and gather momentum over the lakes! Nothing surprises me here, it's all weather gone bad! No one ever really knows what's gonna happen from one day to the next! Perfect for us Brits, we do love to talk about the weather don't we? Well the weather here is very surprising, so lots to talk about!

A flurry of snow can turn into nothing at all and we can have -17 one day and 6 the next, which then feels like summer!

Crazy weather, all bets are off!

This winter storm is inconvenient for us, as we have a Vet's appointment to keep. We found out last night that Fizzy the mad American cocker, can't immediately travel with us!

I know!

She wasn't chipped when she had her rabies vaccine and so has to have it again and be chipped at the same time. Then there's a 21 day waiting period before she can fly!


I did try to bribe the vet, but she refused.

Fair enough.

I can't bear to leave her behind. I know it's not for long but still!

Oh well.

Apparently, financial authority for this move is nearly signed..........I leave a week Thursday! I dare not breathe! So much to do but at least the large sofa has sold! It's huge and the equal huge shipping quotes don't even include it! Hopeful that the big french oak table sells soon......I can always get another one, right?

In other news, I've found a decent Hand holder to help with my business registration in France. She's on it, which is a relief. However 'the proof will be in the pudding', as they say!

Anyway, time to get breakfast and get back to the never ending sorting out and packing!

Keeping calm and carrying the fudge on.....

D x

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