Warm luck Champagne and no resolution year!

New Year’s Eve 2020…me sipping on a flute of Champagne and wondering about …

3 lives ago, I started to make New Years' resolution, as a rule, the lay of the land for the coming year.

Did I follow any of them? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Lots of time after some successes and three months in the new year, I tend to become softer and inattentive to my goals.

This year the holidays have come and gone, the families and friends returned to the everyday life… a weird in-between feeling sprinkled in January 2020. The weather in Normandy was ok but no light and buckets of rain made me regret Montana and our -20 Celsius. But I digress…

This year, it was decided there were not to be any resolutions. Yes! No resolutions! I was just going to wing it and I decided I shall see what was going to happen. Less pressure, for sure! Then, the horrible Mr. C struck.

In a blink of an eye, we fell in a world of doubts, chaos, and fear. Locked down for ages, we learn to relearn the essentials, thought about the birds and the bees. I guess most of the entire world learned to video chat, Youtube, tweet, Insta, about their life confined. It felt like another hibernation. Then, we got out of our little universe came back to a world, not sure which one, and realized: that all the resolutions we thought we took during Mr. Corona were maybe not so solid… We were debating about the world from before and the word from after and no one was really sure what was coming.

We are now in July and Mr. Corona is coming back to visit many places again, a continuation of the first strike or a second wave? Nobody can really tell besides the only sure thing is that we are still in it… But where was I going with that?

Well, resolution or no resolutions, this year, it really didn’t matter as everything appears floating around and July could be December, who would know.

I guess my no resolutions were a good idea for once and maybe I just need to mosey around, chill and appreciate my humans. I am not sure I can do much more for now.

I am going to leave you with one good positive thing I learned: reformat my priorities!

I don’t need this expensive pair of pants or even less expensive pedicure or the earrings and necklaces that would go lovely with my black dress. Because in the end, what I appreciate the most should be my persons...as Sandra Oh says to Ellen Pompeo aka Meredith Gray, in Gray’s anatomy, you’re my person!

Well, guess what? you are my persons!

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