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Water, water, everywhere but not a drop to drink!

When buying in France I’m sure you’d all agree, the pictures are never really what they seem! We physically viewed in excess of 100 properties in the search for our “résidence principale” as well as tireless online searches. There were those that wowed on the outside but were complete wrecks on the inside, and those where we literally turned up and got straight back into the car. The orientation was all wrong, the access was down the side of someone else’s house and through a hedge! There was a 44 tonne truck cut through at the back or it was just plain awful!! We’d pretty much seen it all!

We had a comprehensive tick sheet and although not afraid of hard graft we had to have somewhere at least partially liveable. On the 19th December 2019 we found our home and with the advantage of already renting here, we managed to view on the 21st. Compromis signed and the process began but I’ll tell you more about that later.....

The good news...  The reports assured the roof was sound... one less expense!

Fast forward to the present day! Early hours this morning in fact!

The noise of an awake munchkin stirred me from my sleep, thankfully not the teething 6 month old rascal laying at my side but Heidi! 

“Mum, mum, there’s water everywhere, it’s all over the kitchen floor!”

The second noise I hear is the torrential rain on the roof and what sounded like a potentially big problem! I nudged the other half and attempted to rouse him with my half asleep, panicked mumble and we made our way to the kitchen. There was definitely water! It was raining in the kitchen! We scrambled to get the mop bucket and pots and pans, it was mostly in the one big area but it was a fairly heavy flow. 

We have had such glorious weather and very little of the wet stuff, barely enough to fill a cup since our arrival in the Charente, so the roof hasn’t had much of a test. Pots in place I started mopping and Mr H went upstairs to investigate. I heard him utter a few expletives and assumed the worst. Then came the noise of a skylight closing and Heidi and I chuckled as the flow of water slowed. In his haste to show off his progress that evening he’d forgotten to shut the last skylight. I popped the kettle on and the 3 of us had a brew whilst I mopped the rest of the water up. 

Moral of the story.... don’t always assume the worst, the flood might just be an absolute plum leaving a skylight open! DOH!

Night x

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