We'll meet again...

VE Day, May 8th, is always celebrated in France of course and this year the UK has joined in for 75th Anniversary, I wonder if that will continue each year?

Of course with the virus we can't be together celebrating. I was talking to my parents yesterday about this, so much was planned for today in celebration. Such a shame, but the essence is though to remember surely? And to celebrate in any way we can at the moment and give our thanks for those who fought for us.

My Granddad Joseph was a Grenadier Guard and used to tell me lots about the campaigns he fought in, his wife my Nanna Nesta worked in the munition factories,

My Granddad Charles was a carpenter and joiner so was in a reserved occupation, and he helped to build Ashwell Prison. My Granny Mary was a Land Army Girl, and met Charles at a dance.

I wonder how they celebrated VE Day on Tuesday 8th May 1945? I hope there was plenty of dancing, singing, maybe some cake, but with the rationing, maybe not? A good cup of tea I imagine too.

I have put some bunting up in our living room, I had planned to add some to the front gate and was just getting ready to go outside earlier and the rain started! Maybe it will go across the front windows inside instead.

The Mairie here has the flags out and at the war memorial too. I wonder if the Mayor will put some flowers there today? I will pick some roses and place them on the memorial later today. and say each of the names there listed, Mort pour la France.

I haven't baked a cake yet, the scones I made recently were terrible they ended up outside for the birds, they didn't break their beaks and the collared doves and pigeons enjoyed them!

I do want to get some pretty china out though and have a cup of tea later and I'm going to find a dress to put on too, see what feels right for today.

So enjoy VE day, however you choose to spend it today. We will meet again, just keep on being patient a while longer.

A bientot, Clare X

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