We're all going on a summer holiday!

After a team meeting last night we agreed on a nice long, overdue break! Two weeks baby! Two weeks to do whatever takes our fancy!


My daughter heads off to Switzerland on Wednesday, so he and I are going to catch up on some Wreck jobs. Not quite the beach time we had planned but I'm sure we will fit it in somewhere.

First, we have to find a way to fix her hair. She's not happy with the colour of the root smudge, it is rather red. So we are trying the head and shoulders trick to strip it out. Then we will fix it with a few baby lights. This is what happens when you converse with the hairdresser using google translate!

The Teen also wants to rummage through the storage again to find 'things' she believes are in there! I do hope we find what she is looking for! We only went on Thursday last week, but the new owners got us rather inebriated and so the job never got done! Bless them, what lovely people. It truly is good to be able to meet up with folks again and make friends, all be it safely.

We do live in the strangest of times.

Life goes on even during a summer break doesn't it? Plans are being made for our future in France. We are trying to get to see a long term rental we fancy, but the agents are difficult to get hold of, typically.

We were also looking into to going to see my husbands parents, when France suddenly closed its borders to Spain. Hopefully in September we will be able to visit? Who knows? I have to say, most of us are expecting a second lockdown at some stage aren't we?

What will be will be I guess.

So as I close the doors for summer, I just want to say how proud I am of the UnFrench Team. They get up everyday and post to make people happy, feel welcome and have a connection. EXPAT life can be tough, isolating and rather frustrating at times can't it? It's good to have a online community open all hours, there just when one needs it. We make people smile, let them chat and generally entertain each other.

Before UnFrench what was there, other than the usual groups?

Nothing really.

So we aren't broken and don't need fixing. The team are very professional, dedicated volunteers who work UnFrench around their day to day lives. I am so grateful for them everyday, they bring so much joy, friendship and laughter. Enjoy your break ladies, you so deserve it!

See you all soon!

D x


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