Wedding Dresses and all the fun!!!

I just love a good wedding and when it came to mine back in 2007, it was short but sweet, at a registry office in Cumbernauld, not the prettiest of towns but it did the job!!

I had said at the time that we needed to have a party so that our friends and family could celebrate with us, but as usual, life gets in the way and it never happened, such is life!!

So back in 2018, we were talking and just I throw it out there to him 'Do you want to renew our vows?'! And to my utter surprise he said YES!!!! Yipeeeeeeeee!!!! There's no stopping me now!!!!

We settled on 2020, as this would mean that we would be celebrating being together for 20 years, (where does the time go eh)!! I then suggested, why not renew our vows on the original wedding date as that way, I will never ever forget it again! (I am always forgetting our anniversary lol)!!

So not much happened for a year or so as we were in a transitional stage, with leaving our jobs and embarking on a new life. So I decided to wait with all the planning until after the summer of 2019 and believe me this was total agony, as I just wanted to tell people...! By this stage only a handful of people knew and it was really tough to keep it a secret! I cant help myself, I'm excited!.......!.

So the end of the summer 2019 came and the invitations were sent out. Yay, I can finally plan......

Next came the wedding dress shopping, yes I am going BIG because at the original wedding and I remember this so very clearly...... My wedding suit cost £70 and my husbands outfit cost £700, to be fair it is the full Scottish regalia and he has worn it more that once. He does looks so handsome in it and this time he has decided to get the Bonnie prince jacket, when we go to get our little one measured up for his very first kilt, at the end of this year!! They are both going to look flipping amazing and I cannot wait for that!! Soooo excited!!!

So back to the wedding dress shopping. Now, I am sure for most this is exciting but for me to start off with, it stuck fear into my heart! Why you ask? Well, I am an out and out tom boy, I don't wear dresses, I do simple make-up and heels are another story! In short, I don't know what kind of dress would suit me and I really needed help!

I asked some of my girl friends if they would like to come and help me shop for a 'the dress', So in October of last year, we went to a few wedding boutiques in Tours, to try on some dresses but the first boutique really not helpful at all and the next, even more unhelpful. Then finally, we fell upon a little wedding boutique which was amazing and the staff (bearing in mind it was 11h50 and we live in France)! could not have been more helpful!!! So with a dress in mind she pulled out around 15 other dresses for me to try on......

It was such a giggle, there were lots of oohs and aahs and a lot of NO's, especially to the fish tail dress, we all laughed hysterically, when she said I had a good African arse lol! I must have tried on around 25 dresses that boutique and there was one which was lovely but twice the budget! Sigh! It was a beautiful dress.... But they always are......!

So on this particular visit we didn't find THE dress... But do not fear, we went to enjoy lunch and then to another boutique. By then we were running out of time. So we decided that we should reconvene in January and made appointments at another two wedding boutiques.

January came around really quite quickly and off we go again! The first boutique was lovely and the dresses were gorgeous but 'the one' was sadly just not there. So we off to lunch again and after lunch we go dipping into a few more shops along the way!

After lunch we arrive at THE boutique and the young lady starts to assist. At first the dresses were very similar to what I had already tried on! We carry on and try on more dresses, its getting close but still not 'the one'! Then listening to what we were saying the assistant came round the corner with three more dresses and immediately we all go ooh!!!

So I try two of the three dresses on and they were lovely and not what I had originally had in mind. Then it came to the last dress and it was just a huge wow moment!!!! I must admit there were a few tears, we had found 'the one'!! I said yes to the dress! The assistant then grabs a veil and puts it on me and there were even more tears and oohs!! I had found the one!! No sneak peaks until next year after the wedding though, lol!! Sorry!

Next stage is the fitting, I don't know when this will be due to the lock down, but I know it will be fun.

Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 we have had to postpone it until next year, but for me it makes it all even more exciting because I can plan even more, yay!!! Also, I can get bits and bobs for the wedding over the coming year!!

So am I upset? No.....

Is it an inconvenience? Only a little.....

Am I excited? You bet I am and its going to be even better with it simmering for another year!!! I cannot wait!!!

Bye for now!

Tia xx

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