Week 1 = again

How time flies!

Suddenly we've been here in France (second time around) a week already! Yeah! Happy anniversary to us!

Yesterday, we met up with an old friend and today, we made a new one. I also viewed the little cottage I will live in soon and then we re discovered Bayeux!

Lunch was a revelation! Gluten free was no issue and there was nothing I couldn't order. Bonus, I also got a little handmade bread bun!

It was glorious!

The Guinea Fowl was very good and I had yet another Creme Brûlée! I really will have to stop pretending I'm on holiday soon, because anymore long lunch wine and wanton desserts and I will be buying elastic trousers!

I had really forgotten how pretty Bayeux is. Although a little less busy in the Winter than the times we've visited, it's still worth more than one visit and I really enjoyed being there without the tourists! I know a lot of shops and restaurants are closed out of silly season but no matter, it's a lovely place to mooch around anyway.

Spared during the war, the medieval town of Bayeux has preserved a rich architectural heritage. The historic centre is superbly intact and is a wonderful place for walkers, with its Gothic cathedral and old narrow streets lined with mansions and old timber-framed residences.

Not to be missed, the Guillaume-le-Conquérant centre is home to the famous Bayeux tapestry, said in France to be by Queen Mathilde, his wife. Made in the 11th century, this woollen embroidery of 70 metres in length and 50 centimeters in height, redraw the conquest of England by the duke of Normandy, William the Conqueror.

We didn't bother with a proper wander on this occasion, but I will definitely be back!

I'm very aware that I loose my other half in a weeks time as he's off back to work, so, there's lots to achieve this weekend and next. Always time for a little sight seeing, romance and wine though eh!

D x

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