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Updated: Nov 15, 2019

I've just been wandering around the prettiest grocer shop in Ontario, listening to gentle Christmas music and it was still snowing outside. Picture it perfect and so very festive indeed. Even in the car park the tall, full, blue spruce trees were laden with snow a foot deep!

It would be very easy to think that Christmas, is in just a few days time! Thank goodness it's not and is more or less 6 weeks away! Phew!

Winter sure came early to Canada this year! It was very unexpected and slightly worrying as it was still snowing at Easter this year! There's just not been enough warmth in-between for my liking and I think the snow is fooling my mind a little bit, as I soon found myself buying a Poinsettia, that will probably be dead by mid December! Grrrrrrrr!

Whilst strolling happily confused around the lovely food, gifts and plants, my mind wandered aimlessly to writing, as it always does.

In my head, I was slightly panicking about everything Christmas and an up and coming big birthday but eventually I got to thinking about, our UnFRENCH theme for the day!

'Finally getting the keys, moving in or finishing the renovations on your French Wreck!'

You know my story!

We haven't moved in, nor have we started or finished the renovations. Still, I do remember the speedy 2 Day house hunt, when his only ask, was just buy any pile of bricks with a decent roof! I equally haven't forgotten the formal signing with the Notaire or getting the keys and it was a rather big key for a very chunky lock!

Very much missing, has been the excitement I can feel when you tell your individual stories! There's time for that yet, I guess.

I've dined out on reading many of your tales of Wrecks to Renovations and whilst we now do have planning permission, we are still months away from getting going! I have set a new target of Christmas 2020,in either the little barn or the big house, very much dependent on when we start really.

Every renovation programme I've ever watched see's the intrepid renovators set a deadline of 'in for Christmas'. Rarely do they meet the deadline which is a little disconcerting. However, this year is our Christmas for having the kids and next year, it will probably just be him and I for the first time ever! So, I figure we can make merry and put the finishing touches to whatever is ready? See in Santa and the New Year in, covered in paint! Hang out with some friends and drink to our astonishing resilience! Yes! It will have been quite the journey and a half! By next Christmas, we will have had the Wreck 3.5 long years!

Does it matter how long it takes? not really. It takes as long as it takes, right? Only, I feel if we don't get moving forward by next SPRING, we never will and I'm only happy to country hop if I have somewhere to call home in Europe! I think that's very fair after all the moving I have done, just because!

So for now, I will enjoy reading your tales of joy and woe in equal measure. I promise not to make the same mistakes as you along the way but we probably will anyway! I will also continue to collect hundreds of mood boards and change my mind a billion times about the specification. Indecisiveness is my problem, as will be the budget, I'm sure, but in the end we will get there, eh!

Here's to Christmas back in France in 2020!

All I want for Christmas is a home!

D x

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