Welcome to France!

Ever had a really horrid day in France? One that makes you wonder about why you even bothered to buy a house here? I'm sure we all have those moments?

Yesterday, was that kinda day. He wanted to visit the Wreck before he goes back to work abroad. Fair enough and so began the 178 mile round trip!

It's been 18 long months, since we've set eyes on her, but when we left her, she was certainly dry.

When we got there we noticed immediately that the mould was out of control. A really bad sign that something wasn't right! The grand old dame has never looked so bad to be perfectly honest. She's now much like an over ripe banana, black, squidgy and not very attractive.

It turned out HRH's cellar was drowning in water and the electric had tripped, meaning the pump hadn't ben able to do its job. All sorted in 5 minutes but the damage of a winter dipped in several feet of water hasn't done her any good at all.

Then we checked the post which went back to the beginning of October. Various bits and bobs and a very surprising letter from a local 'Geometre', demanding a survey of our land. It would appear our neighbours feel that they have a claim to our ancient border wall/garden. How odd!

Nice try, but it really unsettled me as I've heard of these land grabs and massive legal bills that come with! This, we could certainly do without right now. To me it's an obvious attempt to make a false claim so they can widen their lane and access to a barn.

Next up was a letter for him in doors. This one is honestly, quite frankly bonkers! We thought it was an enforcement claim for a legacy UK speeding fine. A few phone calls later it turns out to be indeed be legacy fine, but not for speeding and not when were were living in the UK. After a bit of an investigation, we can only assume that a car we sold before we left for OZ was involved. The person driving was stopped and gave my husbands name but didn't have his license on him. So the fine is failure to present at the police station with relevant paperwork and identification. Of course they couldn't provide the relevant paperwork and now it appears to be our issue! Even more strange, this is from 2010! Of course we did a few checks to ensure it wasn't a scam and it is perfectly genuine.


So, all in all it was a throughly rubbish day and as I've never been a fan of the Wreck, all this didn't help at all. She is going to be a lovely house for someone, sure. I'm a 100 percent sure she's not for me.

What is clear is that we need to don some protective gear and get down and dirty. We need to remove plaster ceilings, soft furnishings and the like to stop the rot and soon. He's busy looking for stand alone heaters and de humidifiers. I'm happily wishing that someone knocks the whole thing down!

He loves the Wreck, I think more than me. There is no compromise. He's even offered to buy my half of her! I'm pretty confident I will never live there, even when she is glamorous again. Two reasons. One it's a town house with very little garden. Two, it's in the centre of a village and therefore on a road. This is not the rural manor house with walled kitchen garden, orchard and tree lined avenue I ordered, now is it?

I have a feel this journey of mine is going to be quite the read one day!

C'est la vie.

Donna x

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