Welcome to France - The gift of eggs

We arrived at our new French abode on the 3rd of March (just a month ago) after 5 long weeks in an Airbnb and immediately began the race to unpack before he disappeared abroad again! It was quite the chore getting the shipping into storage and then working out what to bring to the temporary cottage. It was all boxes everywhere, not a lot of room to move and not enough wardrobes and chests to hide everything in. We would just try and clear one room by moving boxes into another room and it was a bit of a mess really. We are still living with lots of boxes in our bedroom which is really irritating me now. We will get there eventually I'm sure!.

Eventually it became obvious we needed to hire another van and take some stuff back to storage, but before we could organise the van, the COVID19 lockdown happened. Always something eh, best laid plans and all that. No real issue as at least we got stuck here together and it could have been quite a different experience for me just a few days later, truly! Imagine having to face a lockdown alone in the Norman countryside? I feel lucky to have escaped that to be honest.

Even though we've not quite finished unpacking or organising, we have pretty much enjoyed this hiatus thus far. It really hasn't been that bad in the grand scheme of things. I guess we really needed a forced break from the bump and grind of life, whether we wanted it or not. It is what it is!.

The first two months here in France haven't been anything like the reboot to my career and integration into French life I had wished for. I can live with that, let's face it there is plenty of time to settle in. No rush needed.

I have always spent a lot of time on my own, keeping busy anyway. I manage well enough. The only thing I have been worrying about is living alone rurally in a foreign country.

What if something goes wrong?

What then?

I am still new (second time around), not quite in the system as the paperwork went to the Wreck and now obviously, we cannot drive to pick it up, as not considered essential travel, or is it? No clue!

So what is my concern?


Who actually knows we are living in this community?

No one locally.

What if something happened to us and of course once he's gone back to work proper, what if something happens to me?.

The last time I tried to live in France alone it went very badly wrong quite quickly, after I got very ill and needed admitting to hospital. I don't think I will ever forget the experience. I ended up in a ward where no one spoke english and as I had forgotten my phone charger, I had zero contact with the world that I could actually understand. It was then another three days before my husband could get to me.

Anyway, last night we were sat quietly watching TV after supper, when, shock horror, there was a knock on the door! Yes, we live in the middle of nowhere and yes it could still have been the Jehovah Witnesses! Believe me they've found us in remote locations before and on Christmas eve no less! Thankfully it wasn't them, it was our new French neighbour baring a welcoming gift of fresh laid eggs!

Quelle surprise!

We managed basic conversational French to garner who he was, where he lived and so on. It was easier than I had expected.

We could be understood!

I have to say he was so friendly and kind that I teared up with joy after he left!

Those freshly laid eggs were such a lovely thoughtful gift but he could never know what a relief his gift was to me.

It's all going to be okay! It really is!

I can do this. I really can.

D x

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