What a difference a day makes....

Updated: Aug 7, 2019


August begins!

Hope you have fabulous plans to hang with your favourite people? Kick off those cares and worries for a little while? Lunch a while. Sip a few cocktails by the pool?

I'm just gonna dig in and try and ignore the fact my garden is a building site, I have no control over it and that is that!

Tis life!

I will drink gin, lots of gin....!

Oh btw Happy Yorkshire day to you all!

Wow, this year is wizzing by isn't it?

I do have some good news, I think.........I think I've found a house in France to rent long term, whilst I get the WRECK project started! So that's good. It' quite neutral so that's also good. I can add a little of my eclectic personality to it, no problem.

Not an easy decision to leave 'him in doors' here, but I think the kids need me nearer, thats all. Issues keep cropping up that need me to help and I can't from here. It's that simple. It will also be so much easier to deal with the WRECK bills and so on from there not here.

I'm going home.

Meanwhile, back at the Canadian pad, it's more misery! As UNFRENCH Cole say's, Canada has just two seasons, winter and construction!

I'd laugh but....!

The agents response is and I quote, 'you have to deal with the builder and the Landlord yourself'.........!

Of course, he's made his money so why should he be bothered?

We have tried. The Landlord is missing and his family friend isn't wanting to play anymore. The builder couldn't care less.

I reported the Air Con 7th July and still no engineer? Anyway, the building of the wall continues.

Honestly, I've never seen trenches the size of these and so close to this house? Not sure if they are digging an escape route or a new motorway? Maybe the house will fall down? Who knows?

Anyway, still don't know what is causing my rash, but it's has suddenly spread over night. I reckon it's something I'm eating, but what? Not a clue! Could be the water.....my diagnosis is I'm allergic to Canada!

I've Googled myself dead quite a lot recently, which isn't good but I prefer that over a visit to the Doctor!

So I'm living on other folks good news these days. A long term friend of mine from Humble Tart kitchen days, has finally set up shop on her own! I'm so pleased for her, Never known a woman be so dedicated to her craft. She has this saying 'Do one thing and do it well'.

I hear her!

Wishing you so much love and luck Jenny!

I'm going to be taking note of her saying and implementing it 100% into my life. No more side projects for me. UnFrench is it!

Nearly the weekend folks? What you got planned?

Think this Sunday we will head to the distillery district in Toronto and partake in some wobbly juice testing! Not a lover of Whisky but he is, although not sure if he's tried any Canadian Whisky?

Oh well, time to get on with some chores!

Take care, won't you?

D x

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