What a difference a year makes

This time last year we were about to pack up our hired Gite in Domme to return to Hampshire, the weather was very hot and sunny and none of us wanted to go home. Fast forward to this year and we are about to start packing the cars after a staycation thanks to Covid, in Dartmouth. The weather is the complete polar opposite, dark menacing skies, heavy wind and rain that appears to be horizontal, the valley below the house we rented is shrouded in mist. Yet we still don’t really want to head home !

Our gite In Domme was perched on top of a hill, the garden wall was old and crumbling in places and was actually part of the ramparts of the village. The views were breathtaking, the sky was filled with hot air balloons most afternoons and evenings, and the local tiny air port put on a flying display on our first afternoon (not especially for us!) we watched from the comfort of our sun loungers and in the pool.

Our hired house here in Dartmouth is also on the side of a hill overlooking the town and the river Dart. No old crumbling walls here but white painted walls, over flowing gardens full of hydrangeas, blackberry vines, geraniums and, if you look hard enough, wild strawberries. The first week we were here the sun shone and each day we fell into the swimming pool to cool off, this second week has been a mixture of rain, wind and the odd glimpse of the sun, not enough blue sky to cut the proverbial sailors suit from ! We have still managed to have fun, even in the rain, yesterday was crabbing down at the quayside. We have even seen the Navy helicopters weaving their way up and down the Dart and on one occasion a chinook was flying really low too.

Memories have been made, the children have enjoyed revisiting favourite places to eat, play and 'world-watch', we have enjoyed watching the world through their eyes too. Next year is already booked to return to France, and fingers are tightly crossed that even if Covid is still around we will return to Domme to make more memories.

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