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Updated: Nov 10, 2019

Unfrench Clare here. Just checking in with you all to make sure you haven’t either blown away or sailed away in an Ark!?

What weather we are currently having in France. Well, certainly my in part, that’s North Vienne, about 50 minutes from Poitiers.

Sure we needed rain and great to see the rivers filling again. Trying to do anything outside though is definitely a challenge, an odd half hour here or there. Dashing out in my new welly boots to feed the birds, rake a few leaves. The grass must be 9 inches tall in places. I can’t get the lawmower on it as its mainly soaking wet. Hard to believe 5 weeks ago it was a dusty dead looking area! I believe the new petrol strimmer will have to see its first activity. I have warned Martin that he will have to strim the tall grass. So far he is ignoring me and it!

Our house phone gave up the ghost this week. Of course most people ring our mobiles now, but 'Monsieur Wood' supplier only has the house number and we are waiting for him to ring to arrange delivery! I dashed out yesterday and bought a new one, hopefully simple to use and we can sort firewood. Phew!

In other news, I managed to navigate through an appointment with a new hairdresser. Sounds like absolutely nothing? Well having the vocabulary for layers, fringe, ends, asymmetrical mastered has taken me 2 years then the hairdresser small talk.. it’s still in progress! Taking photos along helps of course in any language!

I came out pleased with my shorter asymmetrical hair! A good few inches off it feels much lighter. Did I tell you about the colour disaster? Well I am normally dark blonde with a little grey. Before my hand surgery I coloured it knowing I wouldn’t be able to for a month or more.

When our friend Avie was staying apres surgery, I kept looking at my hair and commenting that it was a funny brown dirty looking colour. We were just about to go and see Downton Abbey at the cinema when I realized what I had done!

My pre hospital instructions very clearly said to shower in Betadine and wash hair thoroughly with it on the morning of arriving at the hospital. I read the instructions at least twice and followed them and the pharmacy lady also said to shower and wash hair with it when I picked it up at la Pharmacie!

So I had stained my newly coloured ash blonde hair this terrible iodine brown colour!!

I was telling my new hairdresser Meggie of this mistake, honestly her eyes went as big as saucers she was absolutely horrified!!! She put a deep conditioning mask on my poor hair to replenish! Phew! I won’t be doing that again!

I’ll catch up with you again soon! A bientôt, Clare X

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