Wibbl'ey Wobb'ley Week

Some weeks are better than others by far aren't they! ........Last week, was a bit of a train wreck in many ways really, 'tis life!

Let's put it this way, every time someone knocks me down, they add spinach to my mix and I become stronger! I also have an amazingly supportive team of volunteers behind me, protecting me from anything that dilutes UnFrench! Enough said.

My main focus THIS WEEKEND, was finding a new home to rent, in time for the new year. One that suits our circumstances rather better than experiment no.1. To be honest, if I'd have had my passport mid week, I would have been flying home to France and never looking back. As it were, the darned thing is due for delivery tomorrow. C'est la Vie!

Never mind eh!

Let's start with the positive news, she says, searching through her bag of week old memories! Oh yes! I got the posh kennels booked for the puppies whilst I am away! Phew.

That's it really. This is where the good news ends!

I wouldn't be Donna without the drama, right?



House hunting today was a bit of a farce! Yes, a bigger farce than last weekend. Not the agents fault, bless him. No.....it is just market forces here which are a little toxic right now. Landlords, just don't care to dance with potential renters, not due to move for over two more months. They don't need to wait on ceremony for anyone! The market is so hot right now it could burn you and me...leaving zero trace of life!

'Sods law', that the one house we scoped out to be pretty perfect, disappeared off the market as we drove off our driveway!

Thanks life!

I got a little upset. The stress of moving isn't new to me and as I've mentioned before, I'm over it big time! Out of three to view we got one!


Inside. Well appointed if one were a rabbit without babies!

Teeny bloody weeny!

Two beds?


Then the garden....'t'will do! A bit of a ravine, but the dogs weren't complaining. The issue, other than size, was the noisy, busy road way too near the house, oh and the signs for development next door.

I miss nothing!

Eeeeeeeeee! Melt down no.5609!

This is what ones gets for 2800 canadian dollars per month!

Keep it!

I cant help but wish for a housing crash! Dear Ontario.........you deserve it!

We have agreed to stop looking, until the fireworks have fizzled out in the early hours of NEW YEARS morning! Then its GAME on!

If we get near to D DAY and there's nothing...... I'm coming home early to La Belle France!

Don't hold your breath will you!

D x

p.s. have a good Monday won't you?

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