Winter Bugs and Boring Admin

Pretty much everyone I know, has a bug of some description right now and I am not feeling fab either to be honest! I guess this is where a decent snowy, frosty winter would have helped adios the germs!

Miserable isn't it?

There's been nothing but rain and wind since I arrived in France and the novelty has truly worn off! It's times like these, when all we can do is hunker down with nourishing soul food and wait it out! Soups, simple stews, socks, hot water bottles and lots of reading. Nothing for it but to rest a while.

No matter, I'm off to CDG airport early in the morning to get Fizzy! I hope she travels well, but given that 7 hours is her absolute limit for keeping her legs crossed, I think she will be a hot mess when I see her! Poor bean. Nothing a wash, cuddle and promise of a beach walk won't solve, I hope!

This morning, I found out the shipping will suddenly arrive on Tuesday, so it will be all go from now for me until I have to go to work at a property show on the 12th! Challenge accepted! I mean what else can I do?

Nothing, just roll up my sleeves and crack on!

Now we just need to solve the issue of the rogue address, so we can actually move in! Life without internet would be a complete non starter, can't work with no internet! So finding the right address for this cottage is crucial. Honestly, it's a little more stress than I need right now.

Moving is never easy. Still, I will be glad to stop living out of suitcases and have the chance to have a modicum of routine.

On a more positive note, I've been lucky enough to find storage at the 11th hour for the the furniture and boxes that won't fit inside said tiny cottage. There are some really lovely people in the world aren't there?.

Anyway, I had a lovely ladies lunch last week, with Artist Adele (who is showing her work this weekend! Good luck Adele), UnFrench Helen and UnFrench Nadia. I really love meeting up with the UnFrenchies! You never really know someone, until you actually meet them. No matter how hard the internet tries, it cannot replace the gift of seeing someone in person! Thank goodness!

I also have realized yet again, how huge Normandy is! A quick trip anywhere is an hour. Everything I have done recently, has been over an hour, no matter what! I am definitely getting used to siting in the car for hours on end again, listening to BBC radio 2 and the Sat Nav. Oh and this fancy hire car, Siri gets involved!

I can't complain about traffic or the state of the roads here though, which is a blessing. In Canada, I felt that eventually, the Range Rover would meet a horrible ending, either being rattled to death because of pot holes or being eaten by the salt on the roads!

I do not miss that climate!

In fact, I do not miss Canada at all.

All I need, is a little more time to get established here and by the time summer comes around this move will be old news, eh?

No regrets so far!

Keep smiling!

D x

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