The last few days have been testing to say the least, we have been blighted by numerous power cuts lasting up to three hours and others for a few seconds. All very frustrating and the result has been our router decided it would have a nervous breakdown, yes no WiFi for hours and hours. Last night we had just settled down to watch something on tv when all went dark and eerily quiet, a quick scramble for the matches and candles but as the hours went by the novelty of talking to each other quickly vanished! Eventually we found a number for our power supplier and squeezed just enough battery out of his mobile to call them. Apparently the cable had fractured somewhere and they were on o it but it could take several hours. So off to bed by candlelight we went, it was so good to snuggle under the duvet as the house was starting to feel cold. PING on came the tv and the lights we had forgotten were still switched on, the landline started to bleep pathetically, so up we got and reset the house. The power continued to flip in and out overnight, I managed to boil the kettle for early tea before off it went again. I even showered by candlelight this morning, not easy when you aren’t certain if you are washing your hair with shampoo or conditioner, just as I finished dressing the power returned and I was able to blow dry my hair (it’s the little things that count!) . Since then the power has continued to flip on and off, the OH has been unusually grumpy, and after a long call to our internet provider we finally have WiFi, but for how long I hear you cry !

I know that with everything else going on in the world these are first world problems, but it made us realise how much we rely on power and internet for our lives to continue along their normal paths, how the internet connects us to each other and also to the wonder world. I think we may invest in a small battery radio, and more candles !

On a positive note I have started thinking about the C word, cards have been ordered from a charity, gifts have been purchased locally and our daughter has ordered the turkey from her local butcher along with 'pigs in blankets'. Lockdown mark two is nearly upon us, hospital admissions here in Blighty are rising, the generation who have never been told what to do are continuing to flout the rules, who knows what will happen next.. So keep safe and power permitting, see you on the other side !

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